turn streaming
time into money

A professional monetization suite for websites, streaming platforms,
premium content providers, online games and publishers.
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what is it ?

Moonify combines an advanced distributed computing platform
that involves users' CPU participation and a token based
reward solution to keep your audience engaged.
Moonify is not malware.
Users are always advised.

the web miner suite

An innovative way of monetizing
your traffic.
Your visitors are mining
cryptocurrency for you while they browse
your content.
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the reward suite

Rewarding your users
has never been easier,
simply define a set of rules and
get a per user balance
with a simple call to our API.

Build a new and exciting
economic model

We aim to bring the building blocks of a new economic model
to content editors within an environment of respect and compliance.

the moonify team

Awesome and passionate people at work

jean offman - oulhiou


A 15 year veteran entrepreneur - Blockchain ecosystems.

Pascal jardÉ


Committed to computing projects with passion

jeremy zeler

lead dev

CEO at Midgar studio creator of the game Edge of Eternity

vincent anselmo


this guy is our optimization man, he always wants more!

mike o´connor


Founder and CTO of Selatra Ltd, a mobile games distributor

our vision