Build a new and exciting
economic model

We aim to bring the building blocks of a new economic model
to content editors within an environment of respect and compliance.
Our goals

From the very first line of code we aim to deliver our service within an environment of global data protection, privacy compliance and full transparency for the final user. In line with this we have inserted our own clear warning message which appears at the bottom of the site to inform and allow visitors to opt-in/opt-out as they wish.

Compliance with legislation

From a legal viewpoint, no one can attempt to harness user resources without the computer owners' knowledge or consent. We are committed to maximum transparency and full compliance with the law.

Seamless user experience

Our device adaptive technology uses the right amount of CPU power to ensure a minimum impact on the experience of the user. In a situation where the user's device (mobile phone, tablet, low end desktop) has insufficient resources for mining, our script will simply not start.

Our goals

We believe web mining to be a very innovative way of monetizing content. However adoption can take time and the activities of certain individuals recently haven't helped.

We've had the unfortunate example of sites behaving in a highly intrusive way without being transparent with their users.

A background mining service was used, visitors didn't get warned and were not happy to see their CPUs getting the hell worked out of them.

That's exactly what we don't want!

With the Moonify miner, your users are advised with a mandatory warning message. They can opt-in/opt-out as they wish.